Zappy Cab Provides safe and reliable transportation service.Our main aim is to provide comfort to traveller and can enjoy the trip.We Provide the customer to book cab easily and easily get booking receipt.

Benefits of ZappyCab

  1. Verified Drivers

    Our all drivers are verified and goes tthrough the different selection process and after that they are trained.

  2. No Hidden Charges

    Customer will have to pay the price mentioned on booking receipt,there are no hidden charges in it.

  3. 24*7 Customer Suppport

    In case of any doubt or inquiry ,our customer support team is available for 24*7.

  4. No cancellation charges

    We care for your values,If you want to cancel the ride in case of any emergency,then there are no cancellation charge if cab is cancelled 30 minutes before trip time

Our Core Values

  • We are driven by one single value: Trust.
  • Whenever customer makes a booking with us. They put a lot of trust on us.